Sanchez-Pi, N. ; Carbó, J. and Molina, J.M.
Ambient Intelligence - Software and Applications Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing Volume 153, 2012, pp 219-226
Publication year: 2012


Evaluations for context-aware systems can not be conducted in the same manner evaluation is understood for other software systems where the concept of large corpus data, the establishment of ground truth and the metrics of precision andisami12 recall are used. Evaluation for changeable systems like context-aware and specially developed for AmI environments needs to be conducted to assess the impact and awareness of the users. E-Health represents a challenging domain where users(patients, patients’ relatives and healthcare professionals) are very sensitive to systems’ response. If system failure occurs it can conducts to a bad diagnosis or medication, or treatment. So a user-centred evaluation system is need to provide the system with users’ feedback. In this paper, we present an evaluation method for context aware systems in AmI environments and specially to u-Heatlh domain.