Sanchez-Pi, Nayat ; Griol, David ; Carbo, Javier and Molina, Jose M.
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 39ed.Berlin: Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2011, v. 6682, p. 373-382.
Publication year: 2011

nayat chapter 5Abstract

Much effort has been spent on suggesting and implementing new architectures of MAS to specific domains. Often each new architecture is not even compared to any existing architectures in order to evaluate their potential benefits. The evaluation of Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) is a complex problem and it does not have a single form. The present work follows the research line of considering the agent interaction as the main evaluation criteria, the most important characteristic of any complex software as autonomous agents according to [9]. So, in this paper, we have suggested an assignment of evaluation values to Agents interaction in an specific MAS architecture for providing context services by means of conversational agents. This evaluation is mainly based on the relevance of the messages content brought by an interaction. For dependant nature of the relevance of the messages, the valuation has to be adhoc, but our paper provides an example of how interesting is this alternative in order to evaluate any MAS architecture theoretically