Sanchez-Pi, N. ; Martí, L. ; García, A.C
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. 239ed.: Springer International Publishing, 2013, v. 239, p. 211-220.
Publication year: 2014

nayat chapter 1Abstract

The development of automatic methods to produce usable structured information from unstructured text sources is extremely valuable to the oil and gas industry. A structured resource would allow researches and industry professionals to write relatively simple queries to retrieve all the information regards transcriptions of any accident. Instead of the thousands of abstracts provided by querying the unstructured corpus, the queries on structured corpus would result in a few hundred well-formed results. On this paper we propose and evaluate information extraction techniques in occupational health control process, particularly, for the case of automatic detection of accidents from unstructured texts. Our proposal divides the problem in subtasks such as text analysis, recognition and classification of failed occupational health control, resolving accidents.